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Sports betting in the UK during 2019 has reached an all time high. During this time the UKGC has closed down many non gamstop betting sites. The reason for that is since the UKGC introduced very strict regulation changes which demand all UK operators to register under Gamstop. In result, the chance to play at non UK, Non Gamstop betting sites is dropping and will soon completely disappear. The other bookies, in contrast, have strict regulations when it comes to self-exclusion tools and prevention of problem gambling.

If you’re familiar with betting sites on gamstop or with gamstop as a whole, you can skip this paragraph and move right on to the next. But if you are relatively new to online betting and especially to betting websites not on gamstop, you MUST READ THIS.

Gamstop is a service that UK and non UK gamblers can use to self exclude from any registered online casino in the UK if they feel they have a hard time controlling their gambling. Since Gamstop was launched, the UKGC  will only permit a UK gaming licence to a UK or non UK online casino that has signed up to the platform. This means two things.

  1. Any betting site or casino in the UK that is not registered with Gamstop will not get a UK gaming licence.
  2. If you have self-exculded at any point through Gamstop, you will no longer be able to play at any UK betting site or at a UK licensed casino.

Taking these notes into account, it means that many UK players have no place to bet. Since betting not gamstop registered sites is not on option, the players must look for out of the box solutions. For many Brits, this meant searching for betting sites that are not regulated in any Country, have no measures of safety or protection, and bottom line, were very risky to play at. 

For that reason, a few betting sites (Listed below) have decided not to register with Gamstop and to offer their platforms as betting websites not on gamstop. These sites are perfectly safe, they are registered in Countries outside of the UK but accept UK players. So instead of looking for offshore casinos once you’ve self-excluded with Gamstop, you can just play at these few Non Gamstop Betting Sites.

Now, even though these sites exist, the main question to ask  is “why would punters worldwide join a betting sites not on gamstop at all?” The answer is that even though Gamstop service exists to create a positive change, it also comes with some disadvantages. More precisely, once betters and players use it, operators start to reject them. Bookies don’t take the risk of serving someone who already wanted a break from betting. 

This usually results in betters avoiding betting sites on Gamstop. Alternatively, those who aren’t welcomed betting on Gamstop try to join bookmakers or betting sites not on Gamstop. Such adventures can be very risky for those who don’t know how to recognize trustworthy bookies.

But wether you have self-excluded with gamstop or not, playing at these betting sites not on gamstop is safe and legal for everyone.

And in order to keep our readers safe and in good hands, we created the ultimate guide on betting sites registered outside the UK and not on gamstop.

This article is all about the non gamstop betting sites and features: 

  • Complete list of the ONLY betting sites not on Gamstop
  • Features of betting websites not on Gamstop.
  • Types of non Gamstop betting sites.
  • Pros & Cons of betting not on gamstop and of betting at sites not signed up with Gamstop.
  • Bottom line and our personal recommendation regarding betting sites not on gamstop.


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It is very common for British punters to worry over whether Internet bookies and betting sites not on Gamstop are worthy of their trust and are reliable. The truth is, you will never be 100% sure if the bookie you’ve chosen is safe and secure when you join sites not registered with Gamstop or with the UKGC. Therefore, we came up with all the important things a player must consider before wagering.

Here are the top features of websites not on gamstop:

1) Betting websites not on gamstop accept punters from all over the world.

Since online betting platforms that don’t have a UK license are actually independent betting sites, they can accept players from all over the world. This means that they don’t target players from the UK. Instead, they focus on punters from all over the world, including Europe, South and North America. Their offers are ideal to meet the needs of international players.

2) Non Gamstop betting sites offer Live and Regular bets.

Internet betting sites not on gamstop have pretty much all the basic features of betting sites on Gamstop bookies. This means that anyone can place both live and regular bets. The majority of them will also offer live streaming and fast cash out.

3) Bad choice for highly addictive bettors.

The main objective of Gamstop is to help problem gamblers quit gambling and stop them from further accessing online bookmakers. With this in mind, betting sites not listed on gamstop can be a very bad choice if you are a highly addictive bettor. This is true since they don’t offer the protection one can find at Gamstop sites.

4) Betting sites not on Gamstop have the same number of events as on regular bookies.

Bettors can sometimes mistake bookmakers that are not on Gamstop with bad and untrustworthy sportsbooks. This is actually untrue and far from the truth. To look at the facts, these betting sites not on gamstop have as many events as any other bookies. Their market coverage is huge, and they accept all kinds of bet options too, from almost every sports being played to college football.

5) Fewer deposit options for UK players.

Betting sites not on gamstop usually won’t offer some local payment methods. This means they have a lack of deposit options for UK players, and in addition, they also won’t offer UK payment options such as PayPal. However, they do support, international billing methods and most other online payment options such as Neteller, Skrill, BTC, and Paysafe.

6) Betting websites not on Gamstop offer welcome bonuses and promotions in foreign currencies.

UK online sportsbooks, tend to design their bonuses and promotions in GBP to match players from the UK. Bookies that are not part of Gamstop will target international punters. Hence, their welcome bonuses and promos are offered in different foreign currencies. Many options are available including Euros, AUD, NZD, and CAD.

7) Not Licensed & Regulated by UKGC.

The latest gambling and betting regulations in the United Kingdom demand that all operating brands join Gamstop. These rules were introduced to protect UK payers who have a gambling problem. So, betting sites not on gamstop are non UK betting sites by default.


PORNHUB CASINO: The first and most popular betting site not on gamstop has to be PornHub Casino. Along with PlayHub casino they are part of the triad of adult betting sites not with gamstop and have all the features we mentioned above and more. The most noticeable one is that instead of it being just live dealers, they are topless women. Now if this is your cup of tea, believe us, it will be full. 

Alongside this aspect of the site, they also offer sportsbetting of any kind and many payment and deposit methods. PornHub Casino has been one the most talk about Betting sites not on gamstop for many reasons. But everyone who has checked out the site, can only conclude that it is very secure, professionally run,  and exciting like nothing they’ve done before.

BETSWAGGER CASINO: The Second most popular Betting on Gamstop site is Betswagger Casino. Very similar to Pornhub casino with a few twists. They offer more weekly bonuses in the casino and a few more sports to bet on. It won’t be a risk to say that in the coming few months Betswagger Casino will take over and become the top betting website not on gamstop.

PLAYHUB CASINO: The third and last betting website not on gamstop worth mentioning is PlayHub. PlayHub Casino is the new betting site on the block. Equipped with all the games, payment methods, nude live dealers, and everything else PornHub Casino has to offer, PlayHub will do better. It will do it faster and more secure. If you’ve enjoyed playing at on of the other non gamstop betting sites, PlayHub will soon become your new favourite.


It is important to note that playing at betting sites not listed on Gamstop is no riskier than playing at Betting sites on gamstop. Just because a Betting site may not be registered with Gamstop does not mean anything about the actual site. In fact, most of the casinos and betting sites around the world are not registered with Gamstop.

The Only betting sites that should be listed on Gamstop are ones that the UKGC has decided should be on it. But every Betting site has the right to either sign up to gamstop stay off gamstop. 

Like playing at any lisenced betting site, there are still some risks. The first one is wether or not the player can control him or herself. If the player can’t control their gambling, then self-excluding with gamstop may be a good idea. If someone does that, they will not be able to play at gamstop betting sites, and should not play at betting sites not on gamstop. 

The second risk is wether or not to trust the betting site. Some sites may seem trustworthy but will do anything to avoid paying players. That’s why, it does not matter wether the betting site is with gamstop or not on gamstop, the players should first check the reviews. Any betting site without gamstop today will have plenty reviews about it making it easy to decide if the site is worth your time and money. The three betting sites not on gamstop we list in this post are the three most trusted, well known and respected betting sites off gamstop that are available for UK players today. 


If you have been wanting to bet at non UK bookmakers but don’t want to make any compromises in terms of betting options, you might think have pretty slim options. But in fact, quite opposite is true. These non gamstop bookies offer will the most popular sports among British gamblers. From the most popular football to the fast up and coming eSports, the options seem unlimited. Below is a list where you will find all types of online bookmakers not on Gamstop.

Non Gamstop Betting – Football .                                                                                                                                                                                          football-non-gamstop-betting-sites

This could go without saying that there are many football betting sites not on gamstop. This is pretty obvious as football is currently the most popular sport in the UK. In the list above of the only websites not on gamstop, you will find that our recommended bookies cover almost every market and have many  special promotions for you. So, if you are a Football fan and a gambling one, then we bet you will find what you are looking for in at least one of the non gamstop brands above.

Non Gasmtop Betting – Basketball basketball-non-gamstop-betting-sites

It’s no secret that basketball is not exactly as common in the UK as it is in other regions of the world, Yet, it is still among the top-three sports options every bookie who respects himself and understands the importance of high-quality basketball betting offers. So the  basketball fan in you will be most glad to see that the non gamstop betting sites we listed above include basketball bookmakers not registered with Gamstop. These bookies cover most events and have an excellent selection of promos for you.

Non Gamstop Betting – Cricket cricket-non-gamstop-betting-sites

If not for the growing popularity of football, Rugby would have been hands down the #1 sport in the UK. So, having A-level cricket betting sites not on Gamstop was one of our top priorities as we set out on this quest. The brands listed above enable you to test your skills on match betting, tournament specials, outrights and much more. Great odds are guaranteed alongside a large number of free bets.

Non Gamstop Betting – Rugby 

What Rugby do you follow? Rugby League or Rugby Union betting? Regardless, the list above bookies not registered with Gamstop has them both. We’ve selected the top and only online sportsbooks for bettors from the UK. For that reason, rugby fans should expect to find great odds and various betting options – handicap betting included.

Non Gamstop Betting – Baseballbaseball-non-gamstop-betting-sites

While baseball may not be as popular as the other sport we mentioned, it is still w well known enough sport and so has a whole line of betting options. The bookmakers betting sites not on Gamstop listed above include such options. These sites have live specials, in-play baseball betting and lots of events to bet on. Some of the most popular options there are the World Series and the American League Outright.

Non Gamstop Betting – Tennis 

tennis-non-gamstop-bettingTennis is fantastic to have as a betting options since Tennis bookies not on Gamstop can keep you engaged all year round. These online sportsbooks cover the most classic tennis tournaments including the French Open and the Australian Open, Wimbledon, the US open and many others. From handicap betting to tournament winners, if you’re a Tennis fan you will be able to try all kinds of staking options.

Non Gamstop Betting – eSports

This is a whole new world of betting options. From League of Legends to Fortnite to Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: GO, eSports betting sites not on gamstop feature all of these popular picks. Put differently, fans of eSports will find a wide market coverage when they seek for Gamstop betting alternatives.



  • Possible to place bets after self-exclusion with Gamstop
  • Fast cashout and withdrawal times
  • No limits with Bets
  • Available to players all over the world 


  • Not part of Gamstop or regulated by the UKGC
  • Accepts players who might have a history with gambling



One thing that is very important to remember when playing at betting sites not on gamstop and that is many time misunderstood or misrepresented, is that betting at websites not on gamstop is absolutely legal for UK players.

As a player, you can choose to play at any online casino or place a bet at any online bookie. However, the UKGC issues online gaming licenses only to certain casinos and bookmakers, allowing only them to promote their websites to UK players. Betting sites not on gamstop are simply sites without this UK license.

These casinos, which are approved of a UK license In return, pay 15% (soon to be 21%) tax on gross gaming revenue (GGR).

According to the UK Gambling law, casino and betting sites not on gamstop are not allowed to promote gaming services in the UK. This means that the UKGC could have a problem with them accepting UK players to their non uk casino and betting sites.

However, the law does not state that it’s illegal for players, which makes it 100% legal to play at foreign casino websites, without UK licence or not registered with gamstop. 

So, if you fancy playing or betting  with sites not on gamstop – it’s 100% legal and up to you.