Online Live keno gets its popularity and good name from the classic in house based casinos and their many keno lounges. It has the exact same game layout and the same rules that gamblers will have in a regular keno. There are many online Keno casino sites that provide online keno as a gambling option but fewer who have it suitable adjusted to Mobile Keno. Keno, along with games like Bingo or Poker is usually not on the homepage of these online casinos but rather in a specific section inside the side which can usually be found either through the search option or in other games

Our in depth updating 24/7 Keno guide will help you get a detailed breakdown of exactly how to play online mobile keno in a few easy and simple steps. We also included the different rules, alongside with a short list of the best online casinos for mobile keno and live keno for UK players. In addition, we posted about the best keno numbers to play. Finally, we added the best strategies and tips to help you play online mobile keno for real money – like a legend. 


Below you will find:

  •  Best Online Casinos for Mobile Keno
  •  Daily keno strategy
  •  Keno mobile app
  •  Keno numbers that come up the most and best keno numbers to play
  •  keno 24/7 live providers


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Online Mobile Keno is very easy to pick and requires little if any skill. The only thing you really need to do is choose your numbers and hope to match as many of them as possible. Even though the odds are in favor of the house, (like in any other casino game) Keno provides a great break with just the needed thrill and excitement you will want. Including a chance to win huge with some great jackpots online mobile Keno providers offer. If you wish to go even deeper and understand the ways and history of Keno and the development of online Keno even more, please go ahead and visit: online Keno FAQ.

During the last two decades with the introduction of U.K. online and mobile Casinos, many players have started gambling and playing Keno. USA players have access as well to many online casinos but they have more regulations and holdbacks. So if you are a UK player – you are in luck! We have listed below the best places to play mobile Kino 24/7!


During the rush to digitize the casino world into online and mobile casinos, classic table games like blackjack and baccarat and slot machines dominated the early days. That being said, online keno is making a great run and is gaining more and more popularity in the past few years.

Below we have a list of some of the best real money online mobile casinos for Keno. And today, there are hundreds of online casinos with Keno. The catch is that most of them are not suitable for Mobile Keno. Below, we listed the best UK casino with Mobile Keno and some of their main features.

  • StayLucky Casino. Published late in 2019 StayLucky is the newest gambling sites not on gamstop to offer Mobile Keno. The main Payment methods include Visa and Mastercard. They welcome offer is 300% up to 1000 +100 free spins and includes a 24/7 very responsive support team.
  • Club Lounge Casino. Licensed in Curacao and launched in 2019, Club Lounge is among the mobile friendliest online casino. This destination features more than 800 other games by NextGen, Netent, Betsoft, and many other providers. In addition, Club Lounge is very generous and welcomes newbies with a 400% up to €1,500 and 150 bonus spins whopping welcome bonus.
  • Split Aces Casino. When it comes to Online live Keno, we must mention Split Aces brand. Players here get access to more than 600 games, a great live dealer platform and lots of bonus spins. Furthermore, with the first deposit, new customers can claim up to €1,500 in welcome bonus. 
  • Casino Napoli. One of the classic Keno casino websites, Napoli Casino has a great live support in 10 team in different languages, many great bonuses, and a massive variety of games with over 550 slots, bingo and other board game providers. This casino also has a fantastic VIP program giving you unlimited amounts to deposit and withdrawals.  
  • Bronze Casino. It is our top pick for mobile Keno. The great amount of perks of playing here include more than 8000 classic games by world-famous providers such as Playson, NYX and Microgaming. The welcome bonus of up to €2,000 is another great reason to make this your choice for Keno.
  • Classy Slots. Classy slots is another fun mobile friendly Keno platform. The design is clean & Classy, the welcome bonus is X3, giving you the welcome bonus the first 3 you deposit. They also have a great mobile version of the casino making it easy to play Keno on the go.


If you are looking to play Mobile Keno on a daily bases, you need to have some kind of strategy so you don’t end up just throwing your money away. A very popular notion is to pick a strategy from a two-pick to a 10-pick and place a bet, ranging from $1, to $10. Here, in order to win the main jackpot in the mobile Keno lottery game you need to match at least 10 numbers from the 20 Keno numbers that are drawn. 

While this might sound pretty simple on paper, in reality the odds of being able to do this are 1 in over 2 million. This means that in order to win a $250,000 jackpot, you need to be willing to lose at least $2 million. So the strategy we offer is that instead of aiming to win the biggest jackpot in the casino, focus on the smaller ones that offer you far better odds. 

For example, choosing 8 numbers lowers the odds of winning a $25,000 jackpot down to 1 in about 75,000. There are even smaller winnings if you’re able to match the 6 or 7 out of the 8 Keno winning numbers daily drawn in many Online Keno Casinos. It also costs much less to make these bets. And over the long run, you will have a much chance of coming out a winner with this kind of strategy.



Originated in ancient China and arriving in the United States in the early 1800s, keno is a popular casino game which is all about getting lucky. Keno is attractive to many players worldwide thanks to the ability to win a great amounts from just a very small bet.

Casinos offer players a great range of games to match everyone’s preferences and choices. With online casino, you’ll find many card games, ball games betting options, dice games, bingo games, lottery style games, and video-based games. Online Keno falls under the roof of a lottery style games due to the very similar way it played.

The Keno balls range in value from 1 to 80 and correlate at random, to win, the “hit” balls must be the balls that the players have chosen for themselves or had selected at random when they purchase a game ticket. If you’re lucky enough to match the numbers on your ticket with the same numbers drawn at random then you could be a winner, with prizes are awarded according to how many numbers you manage to match up.

Clearly the higher amount of numbers you are lucky enough to match, the larger prize you will collect. In a standard game of keno 20 numbers are drawn, with a player usually selecting between 1 and 10 numbers on their ticket.

Once you get familiar with Keno, you will see that it is very similar to a lottery, the difference is that casino drawings happen frequently to allow players to play any time of the day. In addition keno games are available on online video keno terminals and also at online mobile casinos. Here, the only player competing to win will be the operator of the machine or game in question.

Keno is very attractive to casino operators due to the fact it is now mostly completely automatic. You won’t find many casinos with actual ball drawings. It’s generally all done by computer these days. This means very little overhead for the casino operator and the ability for them to run games in a much quicker fashion.

The game is also attractive to players as no skill or strategy is involved at all. Players simply pick some numbers and choose how much they wish to wager, and then wait for the draw to see if they’ve won. Also, you can now us special quick pick numbers feature so the computer terminal will assign numbers to you at random, making it even easier to play.early 


If you are in to mobile keno, you’ll be able to choose as many numbers as you’d like to select in a single draw and exactly how much you want to bet. The exact betting denominations vary from Keno to Keno and will usually be a little lower in online video keno and online mobile casino keno. In traditional keno, players will have to bet a greater amount and also wait for a significant chunk of time between the draws to allow them to collect their winnings from any previous draw and get a new keno mobile ticket, or just the latter if they haven’t been very lucky.

In general, the players will choose between 4 and 10 numbers and will get paid out according to the initial amount they bet and the percentage of their numbers that they match. It can get more complex when it comes to betting at mobile keno and determining what the actual payout will be. In video and online mobile keno, this information is easily available in the game’s pay table, and in traditional keno, you can find an overview of this in the casino keno pay book.

The most popular way to play Keno is to pick 6 numbers. This means you choose 6 numbers to play in a draw. Usually, you’ll win back your initial wager if you hit at least 3 out of your 6 numbers. Of course, if you hit more than 3 then your winnings will climb significantly with the more numbers you hit. When you play 6 you’ll be able to wager $1, $3 or $5, and up from there, depending on the operators bet limits. Each with increasing payouts as you wager more. You can, of course, choose more or fewer numbers and this will impact your payout rate, and how many numbers you need to catch in order to win.

After these straight bets, you can do combination bets where you’ll have multiple sets of numbers. These can either can be played concurrently so you get an enhanced payoff, or separately. You’ll also find sectional bets, color based bets, king bets, and much more. As you learn keno you can slowly incorporate different bet types into your game to see what you like.

Keep in mind that making different bet options won’t change the house edge in keno and certainly won’t increase your likelihood of winning. The statistics and mathematics of the game stay the same irrespective of what bet options the player makes. It can add an extra level of excitement to your game, though. By changing things up and choosing different numbers and more or fewer numbers as you move through rounds it can keep things interesting.


While the basics of a video online keno game are the same as traditional casino keno, there are some minor differences that may make the game more appealing to you. You’ll often be able to bet in much smaller denominations on video keno and the rate of the game is much faster. Once you make your selections and bet size you can draw right away to see if you’re a winner, without having to wait for the main game to draw.

On top of this, the payouts may be slightly different in video keno, which means you can find a game which may be more favorable to the player and have a lower house edge.

Online casinos will mostly offer video online keno, and will usually offer better conditions for the player when compared to video keno in a live casino. The payouts may be better and the house edge is lower as a result. Playing keno at an online casino is probably the best bet statistically for the player.


Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you play keno or not. If you’re seeking a casino game that’s purely based on luck and has no decision making or strategy involved at all then keno could be for you. You’ll be able to find a keno game at pretty much every casino, online and bricks and mortar, and also other gaming establishments.

Video keno and online casinos will often offer the game with lower betting limits, and also in a more rapid fashion as you don’t need to wait for the countdown clock to reach zero as you do with traditional casino keno. Most importantly, online keno will offer a game with a much lower house edge, usually between 5% and 10%. This means that the edge is very similar to slots, so it’s a much better option to play online on these types of keno games.

It’s also a good option for those who wish to play more than one casino game at once as keno is easy to participate in without actually having to sit down at a particular table or location. Additionally, you won’t need to make decisions or take any action while you play.

You can simply choose your numbers, pick how much you want to wager, and how many draws you wish to play in, then sit back and let the rest happen itself. While this happens you could be playing another game which is more action packed such as blackjack or roulette. Video and online keno will let you play a number of draws very quickly. This gives you plenty of chances every minute and hour to hit a big win, but it also gives the casino as many chances per minute or hour to take your money.

If you’re a stickler for statistics, odds, and lessening the house edge as much as possible then keno is certainly not your game. The huge house edge makes it very unfavorable to players and ensures that you most likely will lose most of your money on a consistent basis. People do of course win at keno but they’re in the minority and got very lucky. They won’t win in the long term however and you’ll never see a professional advantage gambler playing keno.